84 hours

Driving back from work turned into a sluggish odyssey tonight, because half way home all traffic from the A9 got diverted through single track back roads. At least I had just run my final interval session for a while, had water, food and the radio.

Hearing Bryan Burnett’s voice (for non-Scots: a BBC radio presenter from Aberdeen) has bizarrely become some sort of a treat since that day mid-March this year. I made it home eventually, just before I could find out if they’d really play “Fight fire with fire” by Metallica in their evening broadcast.

Recent weeks have revolved around running, eating and resting. Now, four days before the marathon I can only hope the at times intense training will pay off (plus good conditions = no sun, no injury, etc.). I’ve stepped it up from a good 50k per week to a good 50mi per week, then taking it down a lot this week.

Good bye carb-free days, pasta-train here I come

Apart from running longer distances, the main thing that has changed in my training is that I’ve started to run according to my heartrate, and not so much focusing on the pace. If I manage to pay attention to the level of exhaustion caused in the early stages, I should have enough left for the later challenges.

I don’t know how many times I’ve looked at the profile of the race lately. “The hill at Dores” is what everybody who ran it points out as a killer and the key section. At just over 27k, and then for 5k, it marks a nasty moment in the race, at least with mostly even or downhill bits afterwards.


Once it’s 2pm on Sunday hopefully everyone will have had a great time (and continue to do so, obviously). T, who just turned six, and her mum will run the 5k, while A will battle through the “wee Nessie”, with myself slowly approaching from the distance.


I’ll have to be in Inverness at 7am to catch one of the buses to the start, as seen above. 84 hours from now, less actually, 83 and counting, so enough palaver now, but surely more to come. Meanwhile, this clock is also ticking away, just saying…

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