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Earlier today I got a box with old letters and documents from the attic, and found this: a handwritten transcript of an appeal against the legislative how to cow of post-war Tyrol.

Considering my current quarrel with an energy provider and earlier decisions I decided to contest, often successfully, I thought I’d dig a little in that box.  I had remembered seeing letters, arguing with anything from local council disputes about taxes and bills, to enduring, straightforward opposition to authorities of the state.

I know that my grandfather and his brothers have had more serious episodes in their lifes, and have fought their way through them, often coming out the better ends. I’ve tried to transcribe the content of the letter below, about how to cow in 1947 Tyrol. Deciphering old style handwriting is a challenge in itself and on top some words don’t exist in “normal” german, nonetheless

On the confiscation of food from Alois Bergmann, Ausservillgraten Nr 50 and his designated punishment I assert, that in the course of 1946 Mr Bergmann has only had 1 cow, with which he had to provide 6 people with milk and fat. Accordingly I have ruled, that he must be exempt from the fat tax imposed on him. The major has taken notice of this. Despite the tax that was issued, the above named handed in 8.50kg of butter, proving his willingness to deliver.

Further, it is a fact that Mr Bergmann Alois has a brother in assling, who tends to a small farm with two cows. Those two cows are calving at almost the same time at the end of February, as a consequence of one cow [messing around and conception]. This means that he cannot produce any milk or fat for his own household. His brother Alois wanted to help him through this inconvenience with that small quantum of butter fat. Under the circumstances, which are in accordance with the facts, a criminal offence may not be evident. And so I’ll ask you to waive the intended fine for the above named.


If you are wondering how the case of “Bergmann vs Gas provider, 2016” continued, I can only say at that point, so do I. Over the past couple of weeks some progress quickly led to a dead end. After admitting to errors on their side, they deducted the balance to 900 pounds that we supposedly owe. Which is what I dispute.

In a nutshell it’s about the fact that since a meter reading in January this year and now, the use progressed steadily and linear; they still billed us for estimations based on I-don-t-know-what. 2015 was based on estimations only after a somewhat dubious start, the meter reading history shows a leap of  more than ten times as much usage as in the past 10 month in the previsous year.

Our use of heating and warm water has not changed in those two years, we did not inhabit a permanent sauna and have five hot baths a day for the first 12 months. After I rejected their final resolution (=paying 900 quid), the case now goes to the energy Ombudsman, an independent reviewer for up to around two months, so more on that at a later point.


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