horror show

I was rushed to two health and safety incidents this afternoon. In the course of the interventions, which saw the return to relative calm and order, I killed two wasps (which are, along midges and ticks exempt from “live and let live”).

Two different ones I can only assume, if I had killed the same one twice, it would have been a zombie wasp the second time around, which then again would have suited the occasion, as I was guarding the bouncy castle at the village “Halloween Spokctacular” fundraising event for our nursery.


Apart from printing pirate stamps on hands and arms, proving they had paid and were free to bounce, I mainly tried to make sure little people don’t get squished. A challenge at times with twenty plus kids, between 3 and 13, swarming, screaming and bouncing around.

But actually, thinking about it, it’s a pretty amazing achievement to coexist in relative peace, avoiding major physical harm, while packed onto a wobbeling castle with two dozen others, if only for a few minutes.

As it got dark the hordes of witches, pirates, bees and monsters of all kinds got their shoes back on and were off to extort more sweets of their respective elders.

On the way home I was in for a proper fright, when a guy in a white T-shirt appeared in front of me out of nowhere. People here wear T-Shirts regardless of such things as the weather, the temperature or the time of year. So that wasn’t it, no clown face either and he didn’t even say “booh”. The brief moment of horror came from five letters on the guy’s T-Shirt, I just was not prepared to read “TRUMP!” on the American flag, all hallows eve and all potential sarcastic humor aside, that’s just not on.


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