onward upwards

For the past few weeks since the Loch Ness Marathon I have done close to no running at all. I also overlooked that the clocks were going back the night before the “Culloden 1746” event and slept rubbish … looking back, it might have been a good idea to train little and sleep even less; or maybe not.

culloden start.JPG
off to a good start at the 2016 Culloden 1746 last Sunday

Last year I finished 10th in the Culloden run, last Sunday I wanted to find out if i can pull that off again. To cut it short: The race went really well, I managed to cut two minutes off my 2015 time and came in first Austrian (as I normally do around here) and overall 6th. I’ll do another short trail run later this month, but am looking fowrward to a brief period of active hibernation after that.


So far this year I’ve run just over 1600km and, if strava is more or less accurate, the total elevation was around 34.000m. Running in the Ross-Shire hills, as earlier today when I broke in my new shoes (love them), has highly paid off in every event I entered.

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But I’ll have to step it up more than just a few notches from January on, for my next big goal. I’d like to give the “Hoka Highland Fling” trail ultramarathon a go, not next year, but in 2018: 53miles (84km) and an elevation of over 2300m, good runners do it in under 9 hours.

At this point in time I can barely imagine constantly running for nine hours. The road to the Fling will be rocky and at times painful, then again, it’ll give me something to do and Luna might get a few good outings from the training runs too.

The ambition to run an ultra was sparked in August 2015, shortly after midnight, on the runway of Inverness Airport. David, who had won the “Midnight runway run”, told me after the race that when he started running, he wanted to do all distances at least once, to find out what he liked best. I did not immediately go “oh, what a great idea, I’m gonna do that too”, but his words have resonated in my mind ever since. I now know that I like a 10k more than a 5k and a half marathon more than a 10k … whether I “like” a full Marathon very much I dare not say, the one I’ve done went really well, but I’ll need more experience to make that statement.

In 2017 I’ll do Loch Ness again, if I can get a place, I’ll also do the “Cape Wrath trial Marathon” and a few half Marathons in between. What I hope for is that I don’t get any injuries and that everything else in life plays out well too (see, I do acknowledge there are more things to a good life than sweating through absurd distances).


I hope to soon find time to ramble about the million other things worth writing about: From Brexit to the US (and Austrian) elections, a highly anticipated 10th studio album soon to be released, the kids’ shenanigans and other personal stuff, there’s no shortage of possible topics. Stay tuned, and whatever brings joy to your life, go for it.


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