heavens sake

I stayed up until just after 6am today, going to bed the disbelief had began to fade. So this is the end of predictable voter behaviour, and of a few other things as well.

I’m having to hold back heavily or this post is going to burst with profanity, please feel free to add heartfelt swearing throughout the read.

President Trump. President. Trump. That is some tip of an iceberg. What’s still underneath the surface is truly terrifying, with the amount of power handed to the evangelical right and a Vice President Pence this is nothing short of a disaster.


White, older men with little education swung the vote, that’s an essence of all exit polls. A group that’s already in heavy decline is clinging on to what they regard their liberties and ideals. With the presidency, the senate and the house of representatives they now have immense power over the fate of the “United” States. Denying climate change, denying evolution, restricting civil rights is just the beginning. How the political world as a whole will take on this, by all accounts unexpected and unprecedented outcome is going to be revealing and probably quite shocking at times.

Is it that the country has “raised its middle finger to the world”, as this article suggests, is this the final proof that America is in fact an oligarchy? Watching the likes of Trevor Noah and Steven Colbert see become unable to pull jokes in the face of the unthinkable was particularly hard, it’s only a reflection of what must be going on across the USA today and in the days and weeks to come.

“It’s a stupid, dangerous, HELLISH world . . . But don’t let it FRIGHTEN you!!” (Hunter S Thompson)

PS: Don’t skip this


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