help now

I find the way in which official Europe mishandles the lives of tens of thousands of people stranded in camps and along it’s borders a shameful disgrace and an utter abomination.

It is down to every decent, hands-on person to help restore some hope and dignity. The Highlands Support Refugees do a fantastic job delivering emergency aid to people in dire need, please support the fundraiser I set up to help them help.

My challenge is to match donations in kilometers I run. I’ve set a relatively high goal, but with your contribution, no matter how small, I will get there by the end of Summer.

Any donations will go go THSR no matter what the final number, but I do hope to get in more than the current near 10% (mid April); oh, and – perks, did I mention there are personal perks?

Maybe payday has just been, or you can save a few quid on something and donate instead. If  you can spare a pound/euro to keep me going, that’d be very much appreciated and really helps make a difference.