shed joys

One other thing I could mildly rant about the house is the shed that comes with it. It starts right there, I’m by no means willing to call that shoebox a shed. After a lot of cleaning out – it is tiny but previously was too cramped to even set foot in it – it can now at least be stood in (with a straight back if you’re right under the gable) and I am of course willing to make the best of it.

I was really spoiled in our last place, the “shed” was a garage with a full fetched repair shop and a loft above it with a sofa (and a rocking horse). It came in very handy for storing all the stuff before we made the move to Scotland earlier this year. Free, private versatile space is great to have.

At least our above mentioned toolshelter does the job of keeping stuff dry (apart from below to be seen poster, which had to come off the door again because it got wet in the rain and would not fit on any wall inside). And still, the good thing is (refer to the bookcover below) I do also feel at home inside the actual house.

  2014-08-06 19.55.37                                 shedjpy

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